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Moen PB-2 Bag
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The Moen Pedal Bridge is a mid-large sized pedal board, just a snip smaller than the Pedal Train PT3, great if your using big loop switchers. It will easily hold 14 Standard sized stompbox pedals with some room to spare. It’s a very sturdy yet light weight piece of kit, weighing under 2.5kg.

 The board comes with velcro already attached, you also get 1 metre of velcro for the bottom of your pedals.

 Custom Velcro Stripping

Comes with everything you need to set up a great looking and impressive pedal board. Once it’s assembled, you can use the supplied velcro tape cut into strips of your choosing to attach to the bottom of your pedals. The rungs are completely lined with velcro, giving you maximum customization of your pedal positioning.



1.Dimensions: Width -59cm (23.25 inch), Depth – 39.5cm (15.5 inch), Height (at rear) – 9cm (3.5 inch), Height (at front) – 2.5cm (1 inch).
2.Easily fits 14 standard sized stompbox pedals.
3.Sturdy, light weight construction (weighs under 2.5kg)
4.Velcro included.


Package including:
1. 2pcs Bridges
2. 5pcs Bars
3. 1pcs Front Bar
4. 25pcs Arren screws
5. 1pcs Screw Driver
6. 1m velcro


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