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Joyo ironman-JF-313
JOYO IRONMAN-MAIN-starlteMEC-Ironman pic-MAIN-starliteJoyo ironman pedals -full-updatedjf-313-MAINJoyo ironman-JF-313 Old School-MAINJoyo ironman-JF-313 Old School-MAIN-AJoyo ironman-JF-313 Old School-MAIN-Box



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Product Description

Product Description

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IRON MAN Mini Series JF-313 Effectors Tonal Response


  • Overview: JOYO pedals do it again. In the last years Joyo has made a number of nice quality and lowcost guitar effects pedals that are geared towards the budget-minded musician. The company is committed to providing outstanding tone and every JOYO effects unit is individually tested and approved by professional musicians. Designer and Musician Terry Li demonstrated a number of their pedals, including their new line called the Ironman Series at NAMM USA Show 2014. In addition to the “Orange Juice” amplifier simulation pedal, they have a unique spin on protecting your sound settings. This prevents users from bumping and changing the knobs and from others who want to copy your tone
  • JOYO’S “Old School” DISTORTION
  • IRONMAN mini series
  • Little units with a great tonal response
  • The minis are housed in a very solid metal casing with a features an ingenious housing enclosure over the knobs
  • Can protects your tone settings from accidental movement and also protects from dust, spills etc
  • The LED will show through the black plexi face when the unit is engaged

Features Gain, Volume, High and Low adjust


Flippable cover design to protect your settings!
True Bypass
Volume, Gain, High, Low Controls
Sturdy and solid. These were made to last.
Dimensions: 1 1/2″ W x 2 3/4″ H x 1 1/2″ D
Uses a standard Boss style 9V AC Adapter
Includes velcro to attach to your pedal-board!

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