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Tone City T9 Bad Horse Overdrive ( KLON Style )


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Tone City Bad Horse (Klon Centaur Clone) Overdrive

Tone City TC-T9 Bad Horse

The Tone City Bad Horse is Based on the tones of the Klon clone pedal and it’s also the smallest Klon pedal in the World. If you’re a fan of the Klon KTR or Klon Centaur

Tone City Bad Horse Overdrive Pedal Review

The Tone City Bad Horse Overdrive pedal is a Klon clone that captures the authentic tones the Klon KTR is known for.  I am lucky enough to own a Klon KTR (the Red Klon) and today I did a test between the Klon and the Tone City Bad Horse and there was so little difference between them that if you had your eyes shut, you couldn’t tell the difference between them.  The only difference would be how it feels on your wallet.

The Tone City Bad Horse works best on a slightly dirty tone or for pushing a clean tube amp over the edge of breakup.  The Bad horse won’t sound as smooth as a regular Tubescreamer when it’s isolated but that’s not the point.  This is one of those pedals that boosts some hairy frequencies to make it stick out in the mix.  Much like the Klon the Bad Horse has a nice air about the top end which makes it perfect for boosting your amp tone (or stacked pedal tone) without losing a lot of clarity like a saturated Tubescreamer can.

This pedal is priced bellow 80 USD and will compete (or slaughter) other pedals around the price on the market.  Not only is this built extremely tough and could withstand a fall or being stepped on it’s a nicer looking and nice sounding pedal than the EHX Soul Food which has to have some of the worst reliability issues I’ve seen in years.

If you’re interested in getting a Klon voiced pedal this would be my choice for the price, there’s nothing that comes close to it.  Being that it only has 3 controls it’s also easier to use than the VFE Merman which sounds great but has more options – even more than the original Klon.

The pots feel extremely sturdy, it runs on 9v DC only, it’s small, compact, and extremely usable

Reviews :

The Tone City Audio Bad Horse is officially the smallest Klon style overdrive on the planet.  Tone City Audio is making fantastic pedals for the price and sounds so close to the original it’s amazing.  If I had to choose between this and the Soul Food by EHX, I would choose this without question.  The build quality is great and the tone is about as close to the Klon KTR that I have found so far.

The Bad Horse is best pushing an on the edge of breakup amplifier over the edge as well as being great for an already dirty tone.  What people love about the Bad Horse/Klon type pedals is how much their tone sticks out in the mix thanks to the nice high end and clarity of notes.



The Bad Horse overdrive pedal features three main controls.

Gain – Controls how much overdrive you get in your sound
Volume – Make it loud and make it proud
Tone – Controls the high end frequency of the pedal for more or less cut



  • Input Impendence: 500k
  • Output Impendence: 10k
  • Current: 10mA
  • Power Supply: DC 9V adapter, Polarity Reversal
  • True Bypass


Tone City Pedals are the creation of J.Wong designer,technician,creator of many pedals in China we will not mention here, many of them you probably own or heard of, mostly everyone has enjoyed his musical creations.

He is now on his own and these are his NEW creations fully hand made and with no restrictions to his genius.



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